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Thanks for that. I thought I was going mad for a few minutes the other day. I simply couldn’t work out what was going wrong. A process of elimination led me to my conclusion in my earlier post. Your instructions have been really helpful : the problem is solved (for now) and I’ve gained a confidence in the power if phpMyAdmin.

(My)SQL is something I’ve always avoided direct contact with but this has made me realise that it’s time I at least dipped more than a toe in the water.

I will, in due course, update to master_2019.2.1_beta version (version 2019.2.4) Many thanks for that pointer too.

For the record, I set up SimpleInvoices for my client years ago and it has been happily chugging along without issues. I set it up as a favour : she was just starting out in her business and needed an accounts package that was low cost. The set up, though outside my normal business (IT support & repairs) was straightforward and, once running, rock solid. She had her first and only glitch with emails and export to PDF a few weeks ago. That’s kind of sorted now:thanks to you!!

The final issue is the back ups and restoration seems to have lost the invoice formatting I set up years ago. Can you point me in the right direction for the following?

1 how do I make the “notes” field from invoice creation appear on the actual PDF invoice?
2 how do I stop fields appearing on the PDF (or other export) if the field is blank ie customer fax?

Again, many many thanks.

ps I can start a new thread for the above request if you feel it is more helpful 🙂