Fearless359 SimpleInvoices

SimpleInvoices is an open source, invoicing system, free for all to use. The Fearless359 version available on Github, was forked from the primary SimpleInvoices source and updated to support current PHP and MySQL (aka Maria Db) libraries.

There are currently two master versions for Fearless359.

The “master” version is compatible with PHP 5.6x and current MySQL databases. The jQuery and Flexigrid libraries for this version are deprecated but work with this version of SimpleInvoices.

The “master_2019.2” version is compatible with PHP 7.2 and greater, and current MySQL databases. The jQuery and associated libraries for this version are current and maintained. The DataTables library has been implemented to replace the deprecated Flexigrid library. This improves performance of the invoices, customer, products, payments, users, etc. management pages.

The “master_2019.2” version is recommended provided your server supports the current versions of PHP >7.2. This version performs better than previous versions and provides the security support of current and maintained support libraries.

You might have noticed that there is now a master_2020 version. This is a version in development and should not be used at this time, unless you just wish to test it out. This version has a minimum requirement that PHP 7.4 be used. It has also has undergone signification change to remove the unsupported, Zend Framework 1 libraries from it. This impacts all session support including login/logout operation. It affects the Access Control List (ACL) that controls user access to all web pages based on the type of user role that has been assigned. It also have current versions of the HTMLPurifier and Smarty libraries installed. The bottom line for these changes is to take advantage of PHP speed improvements over older versions and to keep the underlying template library (Smarty) up to date.

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