Requirements & Recommendations

To run Simple Invoices on your server or computer, there are a number of applications that need to be installed. Additionally, there are some recommended, optional applications that will help simplify your use and maintenance of the system.

  • Apache web server,
  • MySQL (Database server),
  • Make sure that zero dates are allowed in your database. Do this by setting “sql_mode=” in the my.ini file. For reference, make the current setting for this value into a comment by adding a # at the front of the line. An example of what this line might be set to is, sql_mode=NO_ZERO_IN_DATE,NO_ZERO_DATE,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION.
  • For PDF export to work your PHP needs:
    1. Have GD2 & INTL support enabled in php.ini.
    2. php.ini needs to be edited with a minimum max memory setting of, 24M, ex: memory_limit=24M.
    • To send emails you will need access to a mail server (smtp)
    • PHP 8.1 > for master_2023, PHP >7.4 for master_2020. PHP >7.2 for master_2019.2 version, PHP >5.6 for master version.
    • For Windows users, the wampserver and xampp packages contain the necessary components.

If not included with your server package, you should consider installing phpMyAdmin to maintain your database and user information. This program can be found at