New Features

Invoice Display Days - v2020.4.4

This new option, Invoice Display Days, was added to SI DEFAULTS. Use it to limit the number of days from current to past, to select invoices for display on the invoice list (aka manage) screen. This greatly speeds the time to display the list. If you need to see all the invoices, the “All” filter option can be selected to bypass the display limit.

Payment Warehouse - v2020.4.3

Prior to this feature, if you submitted a payment amount that was more than the total due on an invoice, the payment was posted but the excess payment was ignored. The Payment Warehouse feature will now warn you that the amount paid exceeds the amount due and that if left unchanged, the excess amount will be warehoused for application to future invoices for this customer.

Once a warehouse record has been created, future payments will be required to apply the warehoused balance before “new” funds can be applied. This is automatic. The payment record will be prepopulated with warehoused information.

For example, a payment of $200 is posted to an invoice with $50 owing. This will result in $150 being warehoused. The next payment for this customer will be required to apply the warehoused payment until the $150 has been exhausted. So if the next invoice has $175 due, the payment record will be set up to apply $150 from the warehouse first before the remaining $25 can be payed from a new payment. If an attempt is made to pay more than the $150 warehoused total, a warning alert is displayed and a $150 maximum validation limit is placed on the amount field to prevent attempts to post anything greater than this amount.

The warehouse also keeps track of the payment type and restricts warehouse payments to that same type. So if the original payment came from check #5531, the payments from the warehouse will be for check #5531. This is automatic with the Payment Type and Check # fields being prepopulated and locked, forcing these values to be used.

An additional enhancement to the Payments screen when adding a new payment by using the Invoice drop down list to select the outstanding invoice to be paid, is that the selection of an invoice will cause all the fields to be prepopulated with the appropriate values the same as if the payment were select from the screen for that invoice.

Once all warehoused funds have been used, a new payment amount and source entered for the customer.

Additionally, a new Payment Warehouse menu item has been added to allow direct maintenance of warehoused information. This provides all modes of support: Add, Edit, and Delete.

Payment Delete Days - v2020.4.3

A new option, Payment Delete Days, has been added to the SI Defaults screen. If set to a non-zero value, the ability to delete (aka undo) payments is presented on the Payments list screen. Payments applied within the specified number of days can be deleted provided they are the most current payment for an invoice. This works well with the new Payment Warehouse feature which causes the payment impact on the warehouse information to be adjusted, effectively undoing the impact of the deleted payment.

A setting of zero for this option suppressed the delete option.

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