upgrade a 2011.1 to 2020

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    Jurgen Rekkers

    i still have SI 2011.1 running, is there a easy way to upgrade to the 2020 version?



    I have update the Version Update Process instructions on the left, menu to explain the update process from old SI version such as 2011.1 to the current version. This needs to be done by first updating to the master_2019.2 version and then to the current master_2020 version. Let me know if you have questions about these instructions.

    Jurgen Rekkers

    Followed the instructions but cannot get further than see the screenshot. Done that all, but stays in that screen


    The issue is that your data base is not set up. Make sure you can read it via your phpMyAdmin app (or whatever app you use to setup and view your database). For the master_2019.2 version, the database information is in the config/custom.config.php file. For the master_2020 version it is in the config/custom.config.ini file. If it is the master_2020 version you are loading, it is possible that the databasePassword value needs to enclosed in quotes. Once this information is properly set up, the application will proceed to the update screen.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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