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    The error is objecting to the Currency code that you have set in the si_preferences file. You can look in the database si_preferences table and near the end of each record, see what you have in the currency_code field. They should all be alpha values and each 3-characters long. This link, IBAN Currency Codes shows the list of valid codes for each country. Make sure all the currency_code values in the si_preferences table have valid alpha codes from this table.


    Excellent! I manually changed currency code in the database on the four of five entries and I now have a nice display of everything.
    Thank you for your hard work! Much appreciated!!


    Glad that worked for you. Sounds like an upgrade issue that you were able to resolve. From this point forward, you can maintain this information via the Inv Prefs screen.


    I have this problem too. When I am on the Money > Invoices page, the invoices do not display; all I see is “Loading…” underneath the column headings.

    Seems that multiple questions have been asked in the Forum regarding this issue but I cannot find a definitive solution to this problem.

    “Due” is the only filter that works to actually display invoices (only the due invoices). The ‘All’, ‘Paid’, ‘Real’ filters don’t display their respective invoices.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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