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    I’d like to automate the generation of invoices from my billing system. I can’t get the invoice tax drop down to populate from the URL query string. E.g. using


    I’m using tax = 2 as 2 is the id for “VAT” in my database – see si_tax table in attached image. I’ve tried other ids and dropped the []][] indexing (for total style invoice) but nothing works, the tax drop down is always blank. Any ideas? ………
    Just noticed that quantity does not work either i.e. “&quantity[0]=5” does not cause the first field quantity to be 5.

    Also we use mostly the total style invoice (not a list of items). So I’m not sure how tax will work with respect to the tax indexes when there is no list of items? ? Also How would I insert the “gross” value for a total style invoice. I guess I could use an itemised invoice with just one item if I had to.



    Don’t think there is any way to do this via the new invoice url.


    So just to confirm, the page on this site about Invoice Prepopulation is no longer relevant then?



    I solved this with a python script doing a HTTP post to create a new invoice. Was pretty simple to do (although it would be more involved if authentication were enabled). Happy to share if useful to anyone else.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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