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    First please let me know if you would prefer that I write issue rather than filling the forum

    It was my understanding that all rendering of the invoices are done by the file templates.tpl and that it should all look more or less the same.

    In the version that I use now (version 2018.1.3) it is like that and the Print Preview looks much the same as the PDF

    With the latest it no longer is the same. In the print preview the “Biller” info is on the left and the “invoice summary” info on the right of the page.

    If I render the PDF then everything on the left side of the page. It looks like the PDF rendering is not respecting the class=”right” in the table.


    Hum…turns out that apparently float and clear are not supported for table in mpdf


    time for a reflow of my template 🙂


    I have tried to play a bit with using div and span rather that table. I also tried to use css grid…
    But whatever I try I can get it to display well in the html version (print icon) but if I render it to PDF it just doesn’t render the same.

    The default theme has the same behaviour

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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