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    I have an old version of SI. Hosted by my ISP / WebHosting provider.
    I know it sits on PHP 5 and the only thing I can find with a date is within si_sql_patchmanager table:-
    Create sql_patchmanger table 20060514 from within MyPHP.

    Unless someone can point me in right direction.

    The point for my question is – I want to upgrade and noticed that the Access Controls are available in later version where the old version made users ADMINS or NOT..

    So… I can take a backup of my database…
    but I would rather not have my invoicing system down for too long.
    could anyone help please?
    I assume I have to either trash my database ot setup an new site. – even update my version of PHP to something newer.
    Going in through my CPanel onto PHPAdmin I have this on the home page (right hand side)
    Database client version: libmysql – 5.6.43
    PHP extension: mysqliDocumentation curlDocumentation mbstringDocumentation
    PHP version: 7.3.6

    Hope this is enough info to get my upgraded – if not..
    please feel to ask and I will try and get the right information.
    MyPHPAdmin Screenshot attached.


    I suggest you try updating to the master_2019.2 version. Follow the instruction under the Version Update Process topic on the left. If you could load your current version on your local PC first and run this update there, it will help you work out any issues you run into.

    The primary issue you might encounter is the patch that implements foreign key support in the database. This patch checks your database for orphaned records (such as a si_cron_log record with no associated si_cron record). The patch process will stop if it finds any orphaned records. It does list the issues found and typically the solution is to delete those records and then run SI again so the patch process can complete.

    Since you are running with a version of PHP 7.3, you will stay on this SI version. However, if your cpanel allows you to maintain your PHP version (as mine does), you might consider updating to PHP 7.4+. If your SI application is the only thing running on your host, this should be straight forward. If you have other sites running on your host, you need to make sure they will support the change. Once on PHP 7.4+ you can install master_2020 which will get you on the most current version of SI. Also, you should notice a significant performance improvement.

    Let me know how this goes.


    I’ve kept my old installation and setup a second site and looking at starting “a-new”.

    Shame I havent got access to my PHP.INI file though to ensure GD2 is enabled.

    Thanks for the reply.


    In the primary SI directory, there is a phpinfo.php file. Change the $secure = true; setting to false. Then run this by entering the same thing you do to run SI but add /phpinfo.php to the end of the line. For example:
    This will list the settings in your php.ini file. At least then you will know what settings you have.

    Be sure the change $secure = false setting back to true. This will prevent someone else from running this file on your site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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