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    I ‘m using the great version 2020, but I have a little problem with the src image path, if you see the screen the icons isn’t visible, if I inspect the line I see this wrong path

    <img src="../../../images/view.png" alt="Ver Estimate 1" />

    <img src="images/view.png" alt="Ver Estimate 1" />

    if i change with all works ok, but I want to know if i need to change every file or there is a better idea to fix this.

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    Just upload changes to fix path references for images. Please download and let me know if it works OK.


    Thanks for answering.
    I use the last version 2020 with php 7.4, is there a newer update to correct the path?
    Where can I download?
    Thank you again

    THIS is the screen of my version ———–
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    Version: 2020.0.03 — 20201026

    Forum homepage: https://simpleinvoices.group

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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