going from version 2018.1.3 to 2019.1.1 (database issue)

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    for the php.log file what does the custom.config.php contains? Here is mine

    debug.level                                     = All
    debug.error_reporting                           = E_ERROR
    phpSettings.date.timezone                       = Europe/London
    phpSettings.display_startup_errors  = 1
    phpSettings.display_errors                      = 1
    phpSettings.log_errors                          = 1
    phpSettings.error_log                           = tmp/log/php.log

    Will try upgrade again tonight, version I’m on just now uses the config. file instead of the custom.php file. Everything works fine but the export to pdf, finally found where the log files were being saved (root of the cpanel user directory) and found problems listed in the above new post. Will try upgrade again and see if it complains about something else instead. I have a suspicion I’ll get it upgraded properly and still not have working pdf export due to something else 🙁


    Finally got something to work on……..no idea what to do with it though 😀 was a late night though and an early morning. Will maybe digest it better later in the day:

    [21-Oct-2019 23:51:52 America/Los_Angeles]
    Unable to apply patch 318. Found foreign key table columns with values not in
    the reference table column. The following list shows what values in foreign
    key columns are missing from reference columns.

    There two ways to fix this situation. Either change the row columns to reference
    an existing record in the REFERENCE TABLE, or delete the rows that contain
    the invalid columns.

    To do this, the following example of the SQL statements to execute for the test
    case where the ‘cron_log’ table contains invalid values ‘2’ and ‘3’ in the
    ‘cron_id’ column. The SQL statements to consider using are:

    UPDATE si_cron_log SET cron_id = 6 WHERE cron_id IN (2,3);
    —- or —-
    DELETE FROM si_cron_log WHERE cron_id IN (2,3);

    ———————— —————— ———————– ——— ————-
    cron_log cron_id cron id 2
    cron_log cron_id cron id 3
    cron_log cron_id cron id 4
    cron_log cron_id cron id 5
    cron_log cron_id cron id 6
    cron_log cron_id cron id 7
    cron_log cron_id cron id 8
    cron_log cron_id cron id 9
    cron_log cron_id cron id 10
    cron_log cron_id cron id 11
    cron_log cron_id cron id 12
    cron_log cron_id cron id 13
    cron_log cron_id cron id 14
    cron_log cron_id cron id 18
    cron_log cron_id cron id 30
    cron_log cron_id cron id 31
    cron_log cron_id cron id 35
    cron_log cron_id cron id 37
    cron_log cron_id cron id 41
    expense customer_id customers id 0
    expense invoice_id invoices id 0

    [21-Oct-2019 23:51:52 America/Los_Angeles] SqlPatchManager::runSqlPatch() – SqlPatchManager::prePatch318() = Unable to set Foreign Keys.
    [21-Oct-2019 23:51:52 America/Los_Angeles] PdoDb destruct – incomplete transaction – rollback performed.


    Can i just delete the cron tables, upgrade the database then re-import the cron tables?


    cleared everything in the cron-log as well as a couple of empty fields in expenses, database was upgraded. Still no logo on pdf export though, latest version of fearless, php 7.2, formatting is there now just a red cross where the logo should be. No errors in php error log.


    Can i ask what versions of everything you are using so i can try and match it here and see if it works?


    Glad you got it sorted.

    For the PDF I feel for you. It is not as easy as one would think to export to PDF. I have been struggling myself with its limitations.


    Have you not had any luck getting the pdf export to work?


    No PDF export does work for me. The issue I had was my templates would not display properly with things all over the place.
    I found that mpdf which Richard is using has some limitation with some CSS attributes.

    Once knows the templates can be adapted

    On my side I am using a bit of strange config.

    I have a docker container running:

    – linux Alpine rev 3.10.2
    – PHP 7.3.9 with PHP-FPM
    – Nginx 1.16.1

    in another container I have Mariadb (rev 10 I think)


    Hmmmm, i’m not sure my setup would be comparable,
    -cent os 7 hosted on godaddy vps
    -PHP 7.0-7.2 with PHP-FPM (tried them all with different current SI versions)
    Is there anyone else that uses this forum? Appreciate your help but don’t think we’ll get much further due to the setup differences. I can’t even find anymore error messages to fix now 🙁


    Richard seems to be away at the moment. He is really the one that would be able to help you.


    That sounds about right for my luck 😀 😀 😀
    As a side note: do you have a lot of invoices in your install and is it slow to load the invoices page as a result of that? Mine takes a good 30 seconds to login or go back to the invoices pages from elsewhere. I remember there being a fix for the original involving changing the database type (not sure how accurate that is but was definitely something involving phpmyadmin) but would’t think that a good idea without checking as it could wreck everything the sql patches have done during upgrades.


    I have about 200 invoices I think. It can be a bit slow as well but since I am only testing it at the moment it is not on the fastest machine. It takes about 10 seconds for me to load the invoices pages


    Hmmm, i’m on 4440. Been using it since 2012. Might be an idea to wipe out the old invoices below 4300 or so. I’ve got digital copies of them all in PDF….although if i can;t get this working again i might have to just look for something else. Quite nostalgic about SI though so going to keep at it as long as possible.


    yes that is indeed a lot but I am not sure that anything can be done on the database side. I mean Mysql/Mariadb are very efficient database that can handle much more request that 4440 query.

    I would think it is the processing of these queries that takes a lot of time

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