Fatal error: Uncaught PdoDbException: [0]: PdoDb rollback()

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    Hello all

    First of all i want to say that i am happy to see there is again an online group for Simpleinvoices. I am am user of simpleinvoices since many years and it’s great to see it supported again,thanks for @fearless.

    Now straight to the problem, i faced this error while updating an older version’s database.
    Fatal error: Uncaught PdoDbException: [0]: PdoDb rollback(): Called when no transaction is in process. thrown in /home/tieslog/public_html/simpleinvoices/include/class/PdoDb.php on line 891

    I am myself a developer and i will elaborate, but meantime if there is any known issue causing this error, i will be grateful to let know.

    I attach a screenshot depicting the state of the old database through update interface just in case it can help.

    Thank you in advance


    I encourage you to use the master_2019.2 version to make sure you have the most current corrections as well as working with a version that more easily supported. That said, is there additional information about this error in the tmp/log/php.log file?


    Thank you for the quick response!

    I tried master_2019.2 version (using PHP 7.0.33) and i got error again.

    I attach the log file

    Is there the raw sql dumps of the updates to try them manually maybe?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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