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    I have been running SI for a long time now and in the past I use to update some files to make it do what I want (namely details.tpl, header.tpl, itemised.tpl) and put them in /custom/default_template/invoices.

    I have now updated to master_2020 and was about to do the same but the files are so different that I am wondering if I am doing it the wrong way.

    I keep reading about hooks but can’t really understand how to do it or if it can do what I want.

    Basically I need to add an input to my invoices so I can enter some text (in my case a date).

    So I need to go from :

    Quantity | Item | Tax | Unit Price


    Description | Quantity | Item | Tax | Unit Price

    Any help is appreciated.


    Zip your old files from the custom directory and attach them to a response to this message. I’ll look to see what you have.

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    I have attached a tar.gz from the custom/default_templates/invoices

    There are from the version I am still using until I adapt to master-2020

    Version is:

    version.update_date = 20181012				    	= 2018.1.3

    Yes very old….


    I attached a zip file instead


    Before pursuing a change, have you used the new invoice form as it comes with SI? The default templates show what you ask for with the exception of the description being on the line below the “Quantity”, etc. You just have to select the “Show Details” button.

    This form avoids overflow when you have multiple tax ids, or a long description.

    If the issue is that you want to access the screen with detail boxes display by default, I think that is more easily accomplished than rewriting the screens. Although the text box for the description would still follow on the line after the item details.

    First try and work with what you get by default. If this causes you headaches, let me know and I’ll see what can be done.


    I have thought about it after each upgrade but I hitting a wall with my other user (wife) who got used to the way I “designed” it.

    Is there a way to make it so that the description field is always displayed rather than hidden by default?

    If I can convince her it for sure would make my life easier.

    My next tasks will be to redo the template as it doesn’t seem to be compatible with the new version anymore.

    Thanks for your time


    If you have no problem with the description being displayed where it is now, I can look at implementing a SI Defaults option to have it showing on new invoices rather than hidden. This will be a master_2020 feature though.


    This would be a start definitely but I understand if that is not a priority.

    I have no idea what kind of massive effort it would require but may be have a configuration where you could select what and in which order to display various filed would be a good idea?

    Again I can see that it it is not a priority


    I just upload the change to add an option to the system defaults table that allows you to enter the invoice new and edit screens with the item descriptions open. Give it a try and let me know how this works out. Note that this is a master_2020 level change.

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    Just uploaded and got the following update:

    SQL patch 323, Add invoice description open option has not been applied to the database

    After I could enable the feature and it all works. The description is open by default.

    That’s great! I will show it to my wife and see what she thinks. It would certainly makes my life simpler.

    Thank you

    PS: my second “feature” request would be good too 😉


    Not sure what you mean by the “second” feature request. If you mean to have it all displayed on one line with description first, I’m less inclined to do that as it impacts the space available for people the have multiple taxes. The line currently handles up to three taxes per item. Also, I don’t see the benefit of such a change given the complexity of template changes to maintain it.


    Fair enough. That option to always display the description is a good start.

    Thanks a lot

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