Reply To: price needs to be normalized when creating itemized invoice


I changed my settings to en_GB in custom.config.php and in the INV PREF (SETTINGS) for the Invoice to en_GB also. This still works find. When I look at the php error log you sent in a zip file earlier, I see that the comma is being carried through to the database insert. When I look at this same command on my system (it is my production linux based system but running php 7.3) the comma that is displayed on my screen disappears from the $_POST array value for this field. So I thought maybe something in your PHP settings. However the PHPINFO information you provided, I couldn’t see any setting that would do this. Note that my development system is windows running xampp currently PHP 7.4 and it works fine there also.

Bottom line is I don’t know what is going on. My best suggestion at this point is to install the latest master_2019.2 version (updated on June 3) as a fresh install. That is, don’t load it over anything existing install. You should be able to rename your current directory, create a new directory named what your old one was and then unzip the downloaded version of master_2019.2 content into it. Then copy your config/custom.config.php file from the old install to the new install. If you have any special files such as extensions or in the custom directory then copy those over. Also, if you have your own invoice template, you need to copy that directory to the templates/invoices directory, and copy any special logo images in the templates/invoices/logos directory to the new directory.

Sorry I don’t have a more definitive answer. The removal of the comma is being handled behind the scenes so just recommending a scatter-gun approach to see if it changes thing.