Reply To: Change currency symbol site wide


Thanks for getting back to me.

My initial issue with my old install of SI was PDFs stopped working. I installed your latest current version and that’s when I noticed the currency symbol issue. PDFs printed fine.

I tried the _beta version, as suggested and hit lots of error messages with patching MySQL (see my earlier post in this thread.)

I returned to the latest current version as the production of PDFs is a pressing invoicing issue.

Obviously, having the £ symbol throughout SI would be an aesthetic improvement. The £ symbol appears on the invoice itself so I’m not being paid in dollars : though that might be better in the coming months as the £ falls in value compared to the dollar 🙁

Having read what you said, I hoped that changing the local.locale setting in my custom.config.php file would fix this slight issue. The changes you suggest (to en_GB etc.) are there but so is the $ sign.

Am I missing something?

I can’t return to _beta as there is a warning about production use. I think I have lost my .zip of 2019.2.1 – 20190613 – but that doesn’t work because of the patch issue.