Reply To: Invoices not appearing in grid


It would be interesting to see the “quick view” for this invoice. This shows the detail and the amount paid on it. If you can include a picture with Customer and Biller redacted. Also, if you could display the data base records for the invoice. These are in the tables: SI_INVOICES, SI_INVOICE_ITEMS, SI_INVOICE_ITEM_TAX and SI_PAYMENTS.

In SimpleInvoices, not the invoice number you want to get records for. Use this value to Search the si_invoices table via the index_id field.

Get the si_invoices record. Note the id value. Use the id of the invoice to select si_invoice_items via the index_id.

Use the si_invoice_items id value to get si_invoice_item_tax records via the invoice_item_id field.

Use the si_invoices id value to get si_payment record via the ac_inv_id field.

If you are using phpMyAdmin, select the table you want to get records from and then us the Search menu to do your selection.

If you screen show each selection and show it here, we’ll see what the offending record is.

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