Reply To: Invoices not appearing in grid


Thank you for your help with this.

(1) Language Settings
I have checked language settings on both system defaults and the default invoice and these look correct.

(2) intl and “gdt” extensions.
I can see an intl extension, but not a gdt – perhaps this was a typo?

Internationalization support enabled
ICU version 63.1
ICU Data version 63.1
ICU Unicode version 11.0
GD Support enabled
GD headers Version 2.2.5
GD library Version 2.2.5

(3) Setting the following:
; Production site configuration data
debugLevel = All
debugErrorReporting = E_ERROR

Doesn’t add anything to tmp/log/si.log

Are there any other things I should check.

p.s. I should point out the reporting is working, e.g. total sales and Debtors by amount owed etc. So the database entries for the existing invoices seem to be being accessed correctly.

Only the Invoices summary grid in “Filter: All” shows “Loading…” and no entries.

With the list set to “Show All Entries” I get:
Showing 0 to 0 of 0 entries

With the list set to All

The Due category does show an entry.
Please see set of screenshots attached which might help.