Reply To: Best way to adjust pricing for a recurrence


Recurrence by definition is the creation of a duplicate of a specified invoice. Since my recurring invoices are not always complete duplicates (may have additional charges, etc.). My approach is to set recurrence for the invoice that most closely resembles what I want. I turn OFF the option to email it to the customer but turn on the option to email it to the biller (aka, me). When the new invoice is generated, I can view it in my email to see if it is what I want. If not, I modify the new invoice and then send it to the client. If it is what I want, I typically forward it from my email scrubbing all indications it is being forwarded.

If you update the new invoice to be what you want and wish to have that be your future recurrence, you can edit the existing recurrence record and have it reference the new invoice. You do not need to update start date unless you want the day of recurrence to be other than an anniversary of that date. Logic exists to prevent a recurrence from being processed multiple times. So if your start date is 2022-04-16 and your recur period is 1 year, the next recurrence will be on 2023-04-16.