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First, you say that you imported MySQL tables from a 2009 version. Did you “import” them or “upgrade” your tables?

You should go through the upgrade processes. What version of SI where you running on?

There are two libraries for SI. On github you have simpleinvoices/simpleinvoices and fearless359/simpleinvoices. The first is the historic version that runs on php 5.6 and lower. For longtime users of SI, they are running the 2013.1.beta.8 (aka master) version on the simpleinvoices/simpleinvoices path.

This is great. If you are on this version, then you can install the fearless359/simpleinvoices master.2019.2 version and the database will be automatically updated for you when you run SI. One big change in this version is that it implements foreign key support at the database level. You might have some “orphan” records in your database which will be reported as part of the upgrade process and need to be fixed before you continue. Once you have these corrected (typically deleting the orphan records, or if you use multiple domains, creating the master records for the domains other than 1) the upgrade will fully complete.

After you have successfully upgraded to master_2019.2, you can then upgrade to master_2020.

If you didn’t follow this process, you probably need to backup and follow this upgrade path. There are some changes that occur in the upgrades that are meant to enhance performance.

My set up has 550 invoices and 60 customers. The time to load the invoices table is about 3 seconds and the customers is 1.5 seconds. This is true for my windows development environment and the linux based hosting service for my production environment.

I’m looking forward to your update on this.

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