Reply To: SI 2011 can not see the invoices


If you are running SI 2011, you should try to update to master_2019.2. I should work with your level of PHP. The update is pretty straight forward.

  1. Backup your database
  2. Copy your SI in to another backup directory.
  3. Delete all the sub-directories in your SI directory.
  4. Unzip the master_2019.2 zip file content into your empty SI directory
  5. Copy the config/custom.config.php file from your copy of the old SI into the config directory of your existing SI directory. If you don’t have a custom.config.php, copy the config/config.php after renaming it to custom.config.php
  6. Run SI. I should show you that there are a number of updates that need to be applied. Do this.
    You might be stopped at the update that adds foreign key support if you have orphaned records in your database. If so, look at the instructions in the error message and see if you can resolve it. If not, get back to me.