Reply To: Customer management on 2019.2.27


I’m assuming that you changed the defaults to the values I asked you to use. That being the case, no errors in php.log and the si.log content shows a normal execution of the customer list request.

First thing to do is while this command is executing, take a look that the public/data.json file. You should see your customer information in it.

Assuming that is the case and it looks good, I’d like you zip your SI directory and attach it to a reply to this message. The zip file will be too big if you include all directories, plus the config directory contains personal info that should not be shared. So I have attached a picture that shows what directories and files to include. Using this, I can compare what you have with what I have to see if for some unknown reason, you have some different files than you should.

It is a long shot, but I’m not sure what else to suggest at this point.

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