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I have searched and have found nothing that applies in this fourm
What I would like to have the ability to search the notes for line items and the “notes” sections on invoices.
I use a generic line item “Labor” and I detail what work was completed on the job. There are times I need to look up an old invoice based on the job description. Currently I login to my database back end and search that way.

Is there a solution or some sample code that I could assemble (I’m a script kitty) to make it easier to accomplish the same thing?

Additionally is there anyway to add (for my purposes) a “invoice summary” item when on the invoice listing page? Possibly replacing the “biller” column?

I am a commercial contractor and I have several big maintenance contracts so I generate hundreds of invoices for one location at times. It would be helpful if there were a way to display a summary.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place I did not know where else to post.

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