Reply To: 2019.1.1 20190321 Update


Thank you so much for supporting PHP 7+! I have attempted to update from official 2011.1 version.
I was not able to copy custom_config.php as it did not exist. Only config.ini file was there. I have copied all the database user. pass etc from old ini file into new config.php file.
Upon trying to open the site, I got this :
Initial setup. Follow the following instructions:

Make a mySQL compatible database with a user that has full access to it.
In the “config” directory, copy the config.php file to custom.config.php
Modify the database settings in the custom.config.php file for the database made in step 1.
Set database.params.dbname to the name of the database.
Set database.params.username to the username of the database administrator.
Set database.params.password to the database administrator password. Note you might need to include this in single quotes.
In your browser, execute the command to access SI again and follow the instructions
This seems to instruct me to create another database? I have already set the database parameters to php file. Any advise?