Reply To: Fearless359 version purpose


Well to answer myself, the purpose was originally to add changes that I needed for my business. After time, the purpose grew to include the need to support current versions of PHP, MySQL and support libraries. The original version of SI (which is an amazing piece of work in and of itself), had not been maintained since 2013. Given that the number of changes I had made to that version we to great for anyone to review and accept into the original repository, I sought to have the Fearless359 repository separated from the original. That was granted and since then, many updates have been made to it. These are best summarized in the ChangeLog file that can be accessed via the About link at the top right of each page.

Currently, Fearless359 SI has two primary versions: “master” and “master_2019”. The “master” version can run on PHP 5.6x and up (tested to PHP 7.2x so far). Whereas the “master_2019” version is meant for PHP 7.x and up.

“master_2019” has also been updated to include supported versions of libraries to maintain the manage screen tables, the jQuery libraries, etc.

There is a “master_2019_1” version that is available that has been updated to use a the SwiftMailer library for emails and the MPDF library (that comes with SwiftMailer) to generate PDF files. That are currently supported libraries and replace the PHP email and FPDF libraries of which FPDF isn’t currently supported.

There was some discussion at one point about making the Fearless359 version the current version for the standard SI but nothing has come of this to date. If however that becomes an option, I will support reintegrating Fearless359 SI with the standard SI making it a single source library again.