Reply To: Unable to parse ini file: config/custom.config.ini


So after running around in circles, I downloaded the newest version of SI and setup a fresh database.
I ran it, added a biller, customer and three inventory items.
Exported the data using myphpadmin.
Dropped all tables/data from the DB
Ran the new install of SI to the point of the web interface setup the structure.
Went to myPHPAdmin and tried to import the data I just exported and got this error:

SQL query:

— Dumping data for table si_invoices

INSERT INTO si_invoices (id, index_id, domain_id, biller_id, customer_id, type_id, preference_id, date, custom_field1, custom_field2, custom_field3, custom_field4, note, owing, last_activity_date, aging_date, age_days, aging, sales_representative) VALUES
(1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, ‘2023-07-21 15:43:09’, ”, ”, ”, ”, ”, ‘113.710000’, ‘2023-07-21 03:43:09’, ‘2023-07-21 03:43:09’, 0, ”, ”)
MySQL said: Documentation

#1452 – Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (dbs11545668.si_invoices, CONSTRAINT si_invoices_ibfk_3 FOREIGN KEY (type_id) REFERENCES si_invoice_type (inv_ty_id) ON UPDATE CASCADE)

So with that, I dropped all tables again.
Used the instructions you sent and manually installed the structure
tried to import the fresh data and again got the same error.

So I am wondering if I am not exporting the data correctly to begin with or have the wrong options checked while exporting the data.