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A couple of artifacts I am dealing with.

1. I was only able to create one invoice with one line item. It added the line item to si_invoice_items giving it a index number of 0. When I try to add any other invoice/item it errors out with a warning of a duplicate index number.

2. When entering line items, I get an warning “Invalid quantity value entered” when adding a fractional number like 1.5, I am forced to use a comma like 1,5 (I’m not in Spain yet, I don’t want to be forced to do that)

Also some house keeping things I’d like to help out with. Embedding fonts to be included when exporting pdf, I finally figured out how get that done and would like to share that with others. I also found that tooltipster.bundle.min.css (from the Tooltipster – The jQuery Tooltip Plugin) is missing from the Master 2023 download. I have a set of instructions to correct that as well I’d like to share.

It’s amazing how far all of this has evolved. I just noticed that my first invoice 03/28/2014.

I appreciate all your help, I hope I am not to bothersome.

Thank you.

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