Reply To: Unable to parse ini file: config/custom.config.ini


The database is using a structure type, utf8mb3, that is deprecated. I believe that is what is causing you trouble. I have attached a zip file that will create your database using uft8 settings consistent with the structure used in SI 2023. To use this do the following:

1) Export your current database, structure and data, and save this somewhere for backup purpose.
2) Export the data only from your current database. Note the name and location of this file.
3) Delete the database completely. You might have to do this in two steps. Dropping all tables, then deleting the database.
4) Download the attached zip file. Extract the SQL file in it. This contains logic to create your database and its tables using the utf8 character format consistent with SI 2023. The extracted file name will be dbs1148220_utf8.sql. This will create the database with your existing name, dbs1148220.
5) Import the dbs1148220_utf8.sql file. Verify it completes correctly and that the username you were using to access this database is still present and set to access it. If not, add this database to that user.
6) Import the data only SQL file you created in step 2.
7) Assuming no errors to this point, you should now access your SI application and continue its database update.

I hope this works. Let me know what happens errors or not.