Reply To: Unable to parse ini file: config/custom.config.ini


What the error is saying, is that you orphaned records in your si_inovice_item_tax file. That is, you have records in the si_invoice_item_tax file that reference records in the si_invoice_items file that no longer exist.

Verify this is the case by checking a few of the values. For instance, the first record says that there is no si_invoice_items record with an id of 63. Verify this is true. If it is, you can delete the record in the si_invoice_item_tax table with a invoice_item_id value of 63.

You’ll need to repeat this for each of the values specified. I know the list is long, but once this is cleaned up and the foreign key can be created, the foreign key will prevent this from happening in the future.

Let me know how this works out.