Reply To: moving from one PC to anther


Just wanted to verify that the changes that the update terminated on were indeed already present in your database. They are. So with the database at the point where the error occurred, execute the following SQL command to add the entry for the patch to the si_sql_patchmanager table:

INSERT INTO si_sql_patchmanager (sql_patch_ref, sql_patch, sql_release, sql_statement, source) VALUES
(330, ‘Add invoice_item_id as a key for the invoice_item_tax table.’, ‘20220926’, ‘ALTER TABLE si_invoice_item_tax MODIFY invoice_item_id INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, MODIFY tax_id INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL; ALTER TABLE si_invoice_item_tax ADD KEY invoice_item_id (invoice_item_id);’, ‘fearless359’);

This entry will to SI that that patch 330 has been applied and you can access SI and it will pick up applying the patches following this. Let me know how this works.

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