Reply To: Fatal Error on fresh installation


In the si_sql_patchmanager table, what is the greatest value of the sql_patch_ref field? It should be 335 and the sql_statement should contain,

INSERT INTO si_system_defaults (name ,value ,domain_id ,extension_id ) VALUES ('invoice_display_days', 0, 1, 1);

If so, then the invoice_display_days row should be the last item in the si_system_defaults table. Make sure you are looking at all the records in the file. Default is to display 25 record but this one is the 44th row. You can sort the table by the name field to make the entries in alpha order.

Also, did you download the most current si version? The version # should be 2020.4.5. Click on the About option in the top menu line to see the version or get it from the config/config.ini file.