Reply To: Slowness after 1000 invoices


The logic uses DataTables ajax with deferred rendering to make initial display as fast as possible. On my windows development system I get about a 3 second lapse to display the first page of invoices from a 550 total table. I don’t have a larger table to work with. On my production system that is hosted for me on a shared Linux server, there is about 1 second added to the display time. In either case, if after displaying the first page, I select the option to display the last page, there is no latency in the display on either system.

This is what I would expect give that the ajax display copies all the invoice data from the server to the browser when the initial page is displayed. The deferred rendering simply allows the first page of the data to be rendered and displayed while the logic continues to render the rest of the data in preparation for display.

Without more data to test with, I can’t give you comparative results. You might look at increasing your cache size. Also having an SSD rather than HDD can speed things up also.

The bottom line is that the bulk of the processing time for you page is on the client, not the server. Speed up the client and you should have better results.