Reply To: PDF rendering differs from Print


It looks fine to me using the settings you gave. There is a problem in the rendering of the amount fields in the first section not interpreting, £, as the British Pound sign. But otherwise, the rendering looks pretty much the same in the Export to PDF, and the Print options. I also checked the PDF attachment on the email. All looked fine. Here are the settings I used.

In config/custom.config.ini:

[exportWordProcessor] => doc
[exportPdfDefaultFontSize] => 7
[exportPdfPaperSize] => A4
[exportPdfLeftMargin] => 15
[exportPdfRightMargin] => 15
[exportPdfTopMargin] => 15
[exportPdfBottomMargin] => 15
[versionName] => 2020.3.11
[versionUpdateDate] => 20211016
[localLocale] => en_GB
[localCurrencyCode] => GBP
[localPrecision] => 2

In Inv Prefs:

Currency sign: £
Currency code: GBP
Invoice heading: Invoice
Invoice wording: Invoice
Invoice detail heading: Details
Language: en_GB
Locale: en_GB

I’ll work on the amount rendering issue but otherwise, looks fine to me. Make sure you are running the latest version and attach the PDF if it is still a problem. I’ve attached the PDF that I generated. The first with my standard settings and the second with your settings.