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Let’s start with the locale. Currently there is no en_IN locale defined. But you can remedy that quite simply. In the lang directory, make an “en_IN” directory. Then copy into it the info.xml and lang.php file from whichever language directory most closely matches what you want. If that is the en_US directory, then in the copied lang.php file, delete the lines at the end following the $LANG[‘zip’]… line (the ones in the if statement for setting the user password help format).

Modify the information in the copied, info.xml file.

At this point you now have an “en_IN” locale set up. Of course the words in the lang.php file have not been translated. You can do that as necessary. Once you have your lang.php file set up, you can send me copies of both the xml and php file via an attached zip file containing them, via this forum. I’ll add them to the standard application for future users, etc.

With these files set up, there are two places where you set en_IN to use it in field formatting and language selection. First is in the config/custom.config.ini file “localLocale” setting. The next is in the Settings/Inv Prefs tabs records, set both the Language and Locale fields to en_IN.

As for the date. In the screens that display the date, the format is as it comes from the database. “yyyy-mm-dd” I believe. This is standard and yields a natural sorting order for the field if you order the management tables by it.

For the invoice templates, you get whatever they display. You can modify them and make your own invoice formatting for dates and other information however you please; but it isn’t necessarily controlled by the locale settings.

Hope this helps.

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