Reply To: Update 2013 to 2019 – cant login


If the authentication option in the config file is set to false, the user is not relevant. Since there is no log in, there is no logout. When authentication is enabled, the user is pertinent. Typically, if a user already exists, the same password should work. The rules for what a new password must conform to does not apply to existing passwords. What I believe the issue would be, is that there has been a change in the algorithm used to hash the password has changed. The authentication logic however takes this into account. If the password fails authentication using the new algorithm, it attempts authentication using the old algorithm. If that succeeds, it updates the password on file using the new hash for all future login attempts. In practice, I found that I would have to login a second time to have the newly encrypted password work. If this process didn’t work for you, I’m at a loss as to why. I’m glad however that you were able to get it working.