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It has been a while since I coded an extension. So this was a great refresher course. Download the attached zip file and extract it into the extensions directory. Then in SI, select the Settings tab and the Customize Settings menu option. Next select the Extensions button.

This will display a list of extensions among which the new customerList name will appear. In the Actions column select the green Register icon. This will bring up the About to register: customerList screen. All you do here is select the Save button.

Note the new Toggle status icon in the Actions column. Note also that the light bulb in the Status column is grey. Click on the Toggle status icon and the light bulb will be yellow. This means the extension is enabled.

Now when you go to the Customer page, the phone number will be displayed in what was the department column. Note that this logic will prefer the mobile phone for the customer over the phone number if both set. If only one is set, that number will be displayed.

You can use the search field to search for a particular phone number.

Let me know host this works out.

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