Reply To: Update 2011 version to 2019_2 version


No sure what you mean by “set the bill and the quote in SI master 2020. So you can elaborate on that.

For reports, the currency code comes from the localCurrencyCode in the custom.config.ini file.

Working with templates is a learn by doing exercise. Refer to the Invoice Templates & Styles topic on the left.

There are two locations where the language is set. In the custom.config.ini, and in the Inv Prefs records. These control which language file is read. For instance, a setting of fr_FR uses language from the lang/fr_FR/lang.php file. My needs are simple. So I set all these values the same. Maybe you need to do this also.

If I misunderstood the language issue, you might just need to translate the phrase in the lang file you want to use.