Reply To: Update 2011 version to 2019_2 version


Many thanks ! It works with SI master 2020.
I only have four minor issues to get si master 2020 working perfectly.
The first one is that the $ symbol is still used in the reports. Actually we use € symbol. What should I have to do to set € symbol everywhere ?
The second one is that the default invoice template sets the bill summary on the left side. The biller are under this group of data. What should I have to do to define that I want the bill summary on the right and the biller on the left ? I mean on the same line.
The third one is that not all of the words that are translated in the lang.php to french are used. What do I have to do please ?
Then how should I define the bottom lines centered ?
I have enclosed a bill in the zip file to explain my description.

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