Reply To: “PAID” Invoices not showing in “money” – 2019.2


Sorry to tell you this, but you probably have a data base that does not have the proper foreign keys enabled. It will work, but you won’t be protected from orphaned records.

The 318 error you had is telling you that you have orphaned records in your database. This is what was in your log:

------------------------  ------------------  -----------------------  ---------  -------------
user                      domain_id           user_domain              id         4
user                      domain_id           user_domain              id         3
user                      domain_id           user_domain              id         2

Basically this is telling you that there are three records in the si_user table with the domain_id set to 2, 3 and 4 which do not have parent records for those domains in the si_user_domain table. The best solution is to create these records in the si_user_domain table and run the master_2019.2 installation again; assuming you can back up that far.

If you can load back to where you were prior to loading master_2020, this is what you should do. This way, the foreign key constraints implemented in patch 318 will succeed and every thing will be hunky dory.

Otherwise, you can make the fix above and import the sql file in the attach zip file which hopefully, will apply all the foreign key constraints to you master_2020 database.

Let me know how it turns out.