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I compared to the default/template.tpl and replaced all the ‘unknown modifier’s. I can get a print preview to appear, although ‘Address:’, ‘Phone:’, ‘Mobile:’, ‘F.A.O’ and ‘Total:’ aren’t being generated and now appear as colons (If I recall correctly, I suspect these were changed in the language file).
Don’t know why ‘Address’ or ‘Total’ don’t appear as they’re the same, but Phone = Ph., Mobile = Mob., F.A.O = Attn.

The GBP pound sign has been replaced with �.
Also, I can’t output a PDF.. I’m getting;

[11-Nov-2020 20:26:16 Europe/London] Pdf::generate(): exception - Invalid input characters. Did you set $mpdf->in_charset properly?

in php.log

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